Concrete ADD-ON and Machines

We offer complete and integrated 

material and machine solutions

for the production of high-tech concrete products

with small, modular and affordable production units.

Concrete, Robotics, and Production - autonomous and intelligent production lines with robots and  high-tec concrete materials - that is our passion. Concrete robotics is realising system solutions for new innovative concrete products and production facilities - never seen before. Our material experts, engineers, robotic specialists, architects and designers are investigating and developing amazing new technologies. We are offering you the technology and know-how to take a step into a new production era.


Concrete Robotics offers you concrete technologies that are specifically tailored to your needs and your production facilities. 

Our individual add-on solutions complement your raw materials to achieve best results.

With our ready-to-use mixes and our production facilities you can start directly.


energy, cement, raw materials, C02, and chemicals


productivity, quality, performance, and adaptability


We offer small, modular and affordable  units for the production of high end concrete elements like UHPC facade panels, double curved panels, UHPC tiles, 3D printed concrete objects or light weight concrete blocks for low cost houses.


Place and Produce solutions can be realized with our team and project partners. Concrete Robotics can offer you holistic solutions for fully integrated production facilities, next to business case studies, lifetime services, seminars and workshops for your team.


We assist to improve your concrete qualities like bleed, segregation, and workability.


We help saving cement, raw materials, CO2 and chemicals.


We can supply business case studies, lifetime services, seminars, and workshops for your team. 



ADD-ON - to improve your concrete easy and cost effective.

With our CR ADD-ONs we offer an answer for your needs to reduce cement, CO2 and costs. By substituting cement with our special developed fines that are part of our ADD-ON, your sands and aggregates and by minimizing the use of typical chemicals, you can enhance workability, stability, and quality. This approach leads to cost reduction and a more eco-friendly product, effectively lowering your concretes CO2 footprint.


CR ADD-ON  is versatile in its ability to be utilized for a wide range of generic concrete applications including structural elements, floor elements, walls, paving, roads, and more.


  • 10% to 40% less cement.
  • 10% - 50% less CO2 for materials.
  • 10% - 70% less CO2 when using a higher concrete class for your products.
  • Up to 30% cost reduction by using our ADD-ON possible.
  • Usage of your own local raw-materials.
  • No investment required.
  • For C45 to  C300 concrete, earth moist concrete, fast hardening concrete...

UHPC with LOW CEMENT content and CR ADD-ON

UHPC Facade Production Line

Modular production unit for 12mm UHPC facade panels.

12mm thin facade panels made of ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC).


We offer you the material technology, based on your raw materials and an add-on with the core production line in one package:

compact plant,

low investment cost,

easy handling,

safe production.

We offer you:

  • UHPC technology
  • Core technology for facade production
  • Know-How and service for planning and construction of your production
  • Support during production
  • Support with certifications 

    In short: the carefree package.