The Machine

The CONROB tile or facade production line is a small, garage size like unit for production of flat tiles with speciall concrete for façade or floor tiles.

The semi automatic line works as a plug and play unit and functions without complex installations or control units. An optional integrated tele maintenance unit allows service and update from CONROB headquarter in case the machine needs software update service.

Our machine consist of a big bag station, for storage of concrete pre-mix, a connected special and patented UHPC mixer unit as well as an big agitator with a concrete pump and an application tool that shoots the material in molds that are transported with a conveyor belt. It’s developed and engineered by CONROB and a German Manufacturer builds it in a robust way.

The production of the UHPC concrete is fully automatic. 

The Material


The machine comes with an individual UHPC development based on approx. 90% of your local raw-materials and approx. 10% of the ConRob UHPC ADD-ON powder.


We will analyse your raw-materials and develop you the best UHPC solution - free of charge. You just need to send us data sheets and samples of the raw-materials.


Compr. Strength: 80 Mpa - 150 MPa *)

Flex. Strength: 10 MPa - 20 MPa *)


*) The properties will depend on the quality of the local raw-materials. BUT we will give you the best solution for the lowest costs.


With  production speed of 1 meter per minute and full size molds (1m width), the machine can

produce nearly 420 m2 of tiles per 7 hour shift (day). Produce approx. 100.000 m2 per year.


Clients can use own molds with a size up to 100cm width and 150cm length to react on customer preferences.

It is possible to produce flat tiles as well as tiles with 3D surfaces.


Our line is a basic set of an affordable production unit to produce high tech UHPC tiles. The modular production line can be scaled up easily.


The Big Bag feeder can be replaced by a silo system. The mold feeder at the beginning of the line can be installed, an automatic climate chamber can be installed at the end of the line. A demolding machine can be installed.

The speed of the production line can be increased by changing mechanical parts. Thus the output can be scaled up to 336.000 m2 per year.


The machine can grow with your business.