Tile Production Line

Our Tile Production Line is a small semi automatic line for the production of flat or 3D concrete wall or floor tiles with decorative surfaces. The machine produces continuously with a high speed and performance. Our machines comes with all required production units and is open for your individual products - You can easily use your own molds to react on your clients demands.


With the maximum production speed of up to 2 meters per minute, you can produce up to 570 square meters of tiles in 8 hours.


With 300 days of production, you can reach approx. 170.000 square meters per year.


That's much more than some large concrete pre-fab companies can manage per year.

Size Matters

High Output - Small Size. The machine itself is just 6 meters by 6 meters with 3.5m height.

You only need a small production area! 


With a moderate sales price for exclusive tiles the Return of Invest for the machine comes within a few months.


You can process your own concrete or we can offer you to develop your individual high strength material, based on your local available raw-materials. 


Our machines do have a telemaintenance unit and with your permission, we can update the machine and support you with adjustments of the machine - in case you don't want to code the software yourself.