free optimization


For regular concrete with a compressive strength between 30MPa and 60 MPa.



For concrete with a compressive strength between 60MPa and 80MPa.



For concrete between 80MPa and 100Mpa.
We also offer CR90 for fast hardening concrete.


For ULTRA HOGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE bewteen 100MPa and 300MPa compressive strength.


TEST CR-45 ... CR-130

We offer you to test our ADD-ON powder. The process is very simple:

  1. You order 500kg of the ADD-ON for the concrete you want to optimize.
  2. We do organize the shipping.
  3. You will get a list with QUESTIONS regarding your local raw-materials and material costs.
  4. While shipping, we optimize your standard *)  concrete with our ADD-ON and send you the new formulation.
  5. With the ADD-ON, you will receive instructions for usage of the ADD-ON.
  6. Document the process and test results of the test-specimen you produced.
  7. Final video call to discuss results.

*) This does not include special or individual developments for concretes with extraordinary requirements like extreme strength, fire resistance, bullet proof and so on. For these developments, we do offer you our SIGNATURE service.